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What to write in Christmas cards

WHAT TO WRITE IN CHRISTMAS CARDS: Christmas greetings you need to know

Hello everyone, If you have opened this article, then I am sure you want to know what to write in Christmas cards that are ready to go out otherwise. What to write in the cards is the hardest part for most of you as you want to write something special but don’t know where to …

black Android smartphone


Hello everyone, If you are someone who is just starting out their handmade business or have been running it from sometime, make sure you read this article. Costing is one of the most crucial aspects for any business because if you don’t get your costs right it can hugely affect your pricing strategy and other …

SCRAPBOOK LAYOUT: World Mental Health Day 2020

Hey crafty people, I am Akansha and welcome to my very first blog. I was planning to publish some other article today but then I realized today is WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY. This day is celebrated every year essentially to raise awareness regarding mental health issues around the world and bring in support for mental …